Calculate optimum tilt angle- Importance of Tilt Angle,

Impact of Tilt Angle

Look at how much extra solar energy you gain with two-axis tracking or a seasonally adjusted tilt angle (do this comparison at practical session at IST Trainins session).

Full Tracking, Seasonally Adjusted Tilts & Optimal Annual Tilts

Practically investigated, when your solar panels constantly follow the sun, maximizing the solar radiation gathered) gathers about 20% more solar energy than an optimal annual tilt does. However, in Tuscon, Boulder and Fairbanks, the full tracking did closer to 30% better than the optimal annual tilt.

Optimal Annual tilt versus Roof

compares the average amount of solar energy gathered with two-axis tracking, an optimal annual tilt, no tilt (just laying your solar panels out flat) and a few common roof tilts at IST Lab, you can fill about optimal tilt.

Pointing East or West of true South

what if your roof doesn't point due South? How much solar energy is lost with solar panels facing the Southeast or Southwest, or (God forbid) due East or West? Do experiment at IST Lab

Shallower tilts better when you can't face the solar noon sun

what would happen if you tilted solar panels that were not pointing due South 25% or 50% lower than the optimal annual tilts for South-facing solar panels.

Energy Demand Based Procedure for Tilt Angle Optimization

Mathematical Analysis to find out an Optimum Tilt

There is not probable for some kind of purposes to put solar panel at optimum angle. So there is necessity to see the cause of tilt angle for the presentation of solar panel.

calculate the declination angle

calculation of elevation angle

calculation of module energy

find out and separate the optimum tilt angle


ensure their maximum profitability

With the latest quoted tariff of Rs 2.65per unit energy from solar energy in Gujarat post Goods and Service tax (GST), it seems that price close to Rs. 3/kWh from solar energy would be a new normal. Such low prices would mean that the developers (of the power plant) need to have the entire system and its applicable parameters optimized for maximized energy output to ensure their maximum profitability.

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