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Optimal Site Selection for a Solar Power Plant


Primary energy sources are running out due to the increase in electrical energy consumption. Environmental problems caused by primary energy sources are also increasing.

This Solar Irradiance reaches the surface of the earth in two forms, beam radiation (Gb) and diffuse radiation (Gd). The beam component comes directly as irradiance from the sun, while the diffuse component reaches the earth indirectly and is scattered or reflected from the atmosphere or cloud cover.
The total irradiance received on a surface is sum of both the radiations i.e. G(total) = Gb + Gd (beam and diffuse)
Irradiance is a measurement of solar power density and is defined as the rate at which solar energy falls onto a surface. The unit of power is the Watt (abbreviated as W). In the case of solar irradiance we usually measure the power per unit area, so irradiance is typically quoted as W/m² - that is Watts per square meter. The Irradiance falling on a surface can be vary from moment to moment which is why it is important to remember that irradiance is a measure of power density - the rate that energy is falling on an area, not the total amount of energy per area.

PV Technology & Business Management - Business Course

PV Solar Business Training
PV Technology & Business Management
To set up a PV solar EPC business an individual from any background need a detailed knowledge from residential, commercial and industrial PV projects detailed engineering to techno-commercial report preparation. This course covers technical details needed to assess potential residential, commercial PV projects and to prepare proposals. Discussed in detail: safety, site analysis, design, performance, costing, subsidy, financial-benefit analysis, financing bankable report preparation.

Admission going on for 3rd Batch of Feb-2022
Peak Sun Hours (PSH)

Peak Sun Hours (PSH) : the total number of hours per day in which solar irradiance averages 1000 w/m².
The amount of solar radiation, or insolation, delivered by the sun varies throughout the day, based on the sun’s position in the sky, clouds, and other atmospheric conditions.
1. Time of Day: Peak solar radiation occurs at solar noon, when the sun is highest in the sky. The low angle of the sun at sunrise and sunset means that the atmosphere filters the sunlight more and results in less energy being delivered to the earth’s surface.
2. Season: Sun-hours increase during the summer due to the sun’s higher position in the sky.
3. Geography: Solar energy increases near the equator, as it is closer to the sun.
Irradiance : the intensity of solar power measured in watts or kW on one square meter. Irradiance is measured with the instruments is called as Pyranometer.

Solar Energy Potential

The location where the solar power plant will be installed is highly related with the solar energy potential of the location. The information about the solar energy potential of a location can be determined from the global radiation values (kWh/m2-day), sunshine duration (hours), and PV-type area energy generation (kWh/year). In this study, these values of the cities are obtained from solar energy potential atlas (GEPA) of Directorate General of Renewable Energy in Turkey [14]. In Figures 1–5, each city’s global radiation values, sunshine duration, and total amount of energy/PV area are shown.

Solar Photovoltaic Module Tilt Angle Scale

A solar photovoltaic module or solar collector collects the maximum solar radiation when the sun’s rays strike it at right angles. Sun tracking mechanism is not cost-effective but an adjustable (tilt angle) solar photovoltaic modules mount (south facing in northern hemisphere & north facing in southern hemisphere) with an appropriate tilt angle measuring scale, will be cost-effective. In this paper, design of the tilt angle scale for a given site is described.

MW Solar Project - Career Course

Advanced Certificate in MW Solar Project
Advanced Certificate in MW Solar Project
Large Scale PV solar power plants need Technical knowledge as well as a strong aspect of financial analysis and modelling. In India there are many power plants becomes non profitable because of lack of sound financial modelling knowledge. This course will cover from MW level solar power plant designing and financial aspects of the solar power plant like DPR,DSCR,ROI,CUF estimation and Capex ,Opex modelling e.t.c.
Admission going on for 3rd Batch of Feb-2022
Tilt Angle

The sun moves across the sky from east to west. Solar panels are most effective when they are positioned facing the sun at a perpendicular angle at noon . Solar panels are usually placed on a roof or a frame and have a fixed position and cannot follow the movement of the sun along the sky. Therefore they will not face the sun with an optimal (90 degrees) angle all day. The angle between the horizontal plane and the solar panel is called the tilt angle.
Due to motion of the earth round the sun there are also seasonal variations. In the winter the sun will not reach the same angle as in summer. Ideally, in the summer solar panels should be placed somewhat more horizontal, to benefit most from the sun high in the sky. However these panels will then not be placed optimally for the winter sun. To achieve the best year round performance solar panels should be installed at a fixed angle, which lies somewhere between the optimum angle for summer and for winter. For each latitude there is an optimum tilt angle. Only near to the equator the solar panels should be placed horizontally.

Rooftop Solar Project Course

Certificate in Rooftop Solar Project
Certificate in Rooftop Solar Project
Rooftop Solar Power Plant: During covid-19 India’ Rooftop solar sector adds 800+ MW. In rooftop solar sector a small entrepreneur needs a strong knowledge about off-Grid, On grid, hybrid system designing and financial benefit, bankable report preparation. This course will cover all aspect of designing and procurement, installation, financial modelling and customer nogotiation skills.

Admission going on for 3rd Batch of Feb-2022

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