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Battery Pack Manufacturing Procedure:

  1. Design: The most critical element of the procedure is to design the most suitable battery solution according to your requirements. Our battery design team works with you to understand your project and provide the correct custom battery pack
  2. Assembly: work from high detailed drawings to produce high quality and cost effective battery packs.
  3. Quality Testing: Each battery packs goes through a clear & detailed QA and test procedure process before despatch.

Li-ion battery packs assembling process

Overview of Li-ion battery packs assembling process

  1. Cell Sorting
    1. Voltage, Capacity and Internal Impedance are mached
    2. Group cells with similer operating parameters
  2. Module Assembly
    1. Assemble modules
    2. attach BMS
    3. Test Module
  3. Pack Assembly
    1. Stack modules in series and parallel
    2. Place pack in enclosure
    3. attach master BMS
  4. Final Testing

Certificate in Li-ion Battery Pack Assembly for Solar Application

Lithium Battery Pack Assembly Training for Solar System
Certificate in Li-ion Battery Pack Assembly for Solar Application
Government of India is planning to incentivize the production of Lithium-ion batteries in India, which is likely to help in the setting up of Lithium-ion battery manufacturing units in the country over the next five years.
Lithium Battery Pack Assembly course will cover li-ion cell to battery characteristic's, different parameters, Pack design aspect, calculation, assembly line unit detailing with financial aspects.
Admission going on for 3rd Batch of Feb-2022

Market trends and development

Currently many battery companies in India are involved with the lithium-pack assembling. Even companies like Exide, which is setting up its unit for manufacturing the lithium cell, is starting initially with battery pack assembling.

Under the Phased Manufacturing Program (PMP) of Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprise, import duty on battery packs used in manufacturing electric vehicles will be increased to 15 percent from the current 5 percent from April 2021. Also import duty on lithium-ion cells for use in the manufacture of lithiumion accumulator for EVs will be doubled to 10 percent from April 2021 as the center wants to promote Make in India and encourage EVs through schemes like FAME II. Energy Storage is one of the most crucial and critical components of India’s energy infrastructure strategy and an essential support for India’s sustained goal towards renewables.

PV Module/Panel Assembly Line

Lithium Battery Pack Assembly Training for Solar System
Certificate in PV Module/Panel Assembly Line
The supply disruption from China due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent decline in domestic solar capacity addition offer a golden opportunity to ramp up local manufacturing of solar modules and cells, according to industry experts. In this scenario industry feels a skill and knowledge required to start this module assembly line making ecosystem in India.
IST providing PV Module/Panel Assembly Line - Business Course which will cover for cell technology to construction method, module manufacturing material, Assembling machineries ,financial detailing ,costing of module and panel assembling line.
Admission going on for Feb-2022

Cost-effective manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for electrical and hybrid electrical vehicles (EV/HEV) has not yet been fully developed. Efficient, flexible, and reliable battery assembly automation is needed for the following two reasons: 1) A variety of new battery pack designs and their changing demand rates require the assembly system to be flexible and reconfigurable.

The high current and voltage in battery cells, modules and packs require automatic assembly and material handling.

Currently, the industrial assembly system design starts from process planning which includes assembly task identification and sequence generation. Then the assembly system configuration is generated. However, since the process planning and system configuration generation influence each other, the traditional sequential procedure may lead to suboptimal system solutions. This interaction can be illustrated with an example of automotive battery assembly.

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- Satish S Jadhav,
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