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Floating Solar Power Plant

Potential advantages of floating solar include:

  1. Reduced evaporation from water reservoirs, as the solar panels provide shade and limit the evaporative effects of wind
  2. Improvements in water quality, through decreased algae growth
  3. Reduction or elimination of the shading of panels by their surroundings
  4. Elimination of the need for major site preparation, such as leveling or the laying of foundations, which must be done for land-based installations
  5. Easy installation and deployment in sites with low anchoring and mooring requirements, with a high degree of modularity, leading to faster installations

Floating Solar Project Design Course

Floating Solar Project
Certificate in Floating Solar Project Design
According to industry analysts, floating solar has emerged as an alternate option for solar power project installation and activity is happening in this space, though selective. Floating solar technology is an alternative for harnessing solar power in places with constraints on land availability.

Admission going on for Nov-2021

The current global market for floating solar

The total installed capacity now stands at 1314 MWp, which is further going to increase substantially in the years to come and expected to reach 4600 MWp by 2022, thanks to the recent increase in the activities in the sector in countries like China.

The FSPV as a technology is still in the nascent stages of development in India. The journey started with a 10kW FSPV plant on a pond in Rajarhat, Kolkata in 2015. The project was part of a research activity sponsored by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). In 2016, NTPC installed country’s largest 100kW plant on a reservoir of its combined cycle power plant situated in Kerala’s Kayamkulam district. Later in December same year, Kerala State Electricity Board started its operation of 500kW plant at Banasura Sagar reservoir in Wayanad district replacing NTPC’s 100kW as a largest FSPV-based plant.

Rooftop Solar Project Course

Certificate in Rooftop Solar Project
Certificate in Rooftop Solar Project
Rooftop Solar Power Plant: During covid-19 India’ Rooftop solar sector adds 800+ MW. In rooftop solar sector a small entrepreneur needs a strong knowledge about off-Grid, On grid, hybrid system designing and financial benefit, bankable report preparation. This course will cover all aspect of designing and procurement, installation, financial modelling and customer nogotiation skills.

Admission going on for 4th Batch of Nov-2021

Floating Platform

This is the most crucial component of FSPV; it supports all necessary components like solar PV during the project time. Hence selection of appropriate materials for the floating platform becomes imperative. HDPE is the most popular material being used in a majority of the FSPV power plants across the globe. Other materials like FRP, medium density polyethylene (MDPE), and ferro-cement are also been utilized as materials for the floating platform.

Certificate in Li-ion Battery Pack Assembly for Solar Application

Lithium Battery Pack Assembly Training for Solar System
Certificate in Li-ion Battery Pack Assembly for Solar Application
Government of India is planning to incentivize the production of Lithium-ion batteries in India, which is likely to help in the setting up of Lithium-ion battery manufacturing units in the country over the next five years.
Lithium Battery Pack Assembly course will cover li-ion cell to battery characteristic's, different parameters, Pack design aspect, calculation, assembly line unit detailing with financial aspects.
Admission going on for 4th Batch of Nov-2021

Floating Solar PV – Project Design

  1. Initial Site Assessmements
  2. Bathymetry/hydrography and soil testing
  3. Enviornment and social impact assessment (ESIA)
  4. Project design
  5. Installation and Commissioning

IST Alumni

From IST boost my confidence in solar sector carrier, understanding of PV solar system, and designing of ON GRID/OFF GRID PV power plants through practical as well as theoretical way. Lab and lectures helped me to gain every knowledge about designing of PV solar as well as it. Overall I am satisfied, I have gained through iST, IST has a bright future and best of luck to all students who come here to make their career in the solar field.

- Ritesh Kumar Upadhyay,
Project Engineer (Electrical) at REC Power Distribution Company Ltd

IST is an Excellent Institute with practical approach. Teachers follow very efficient way of teaching and solving multiple case studies.


It Was Great to Undergo the Training Process of IST and Also The Instructors were Self Motivated and also Encourage an Individual to Grab The Knowledge and Apply in The Practical Life


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