Infrastructure of Institute of Solar Technology

We are one of the most recognized Solar PV Technology training institute in India.

Technical Lab
The lab component has been especially designed for students to understand practical aspects of solar systems installation and operations. The Solar PV demo unit provides a platform for students to work on industrial equipment, by means of experiments and understand their installation, operations and maintenance aspects in addition to actual site visits accompanied by experts from the solar industry.

Practical Lab Instruments @ IST Lucknow

Hand tools, Modules & Sefty Equipments

This laboratory is equipped with the state of art equipment and machinery required for Solar Photovoltaic System test, site assessment and installation and operation maintenance. Welcome to visit Institute of Solar Technology.

Indoor Lab - PV Cell @ IST Lucknow

Photovoltaic Cell (Si)

The main objective of the PV Cell Lab at IST is to demostrate and foster the ideals of the working principle of PV cells, manufacturing process of various Wp PV Modules.

PV Array Test @ IST Lucknow

PV Array Voc, Isc Test

We offer high end technical education for Engineering students and industry professional. Technical Training for wide range of practicing professionals from Industries and Laboratories on PV Technology.

Site Assessment Practical @ IST Lucknow

Site Analysis - Sun path Test

Students can perform a wide range of tests for Site Assessment, Shading Analysis for Photovoltaic Systems, determine true south and Sun path diagrams provide a broader overview of sun on a site.

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