Workshop on Photovoltaic Solar Technology

Workshop on Photovoltaic Solar Technology

Workshop / Event Description

The objective of the workshop is to impart knowledge to the UG and PG Students /Research Scholars / Developers / Consultants / Manufactures and Suppliers of solar systems regarding solar PV plants in the country and give an insight regarding the various technologies of solar cell, inverter, installation and commissioning procedures, construction and latest developments in the field of solar power plant sector.
Through this workshop, we intend to raise awareness and build the capacity of budding of engineers, enabling them to proactively search for state-of-the-art patented clean technologies and Prospects for Start-ups in Solar Energy Technologies.
These types of hands-on training workshop programs give you exposure to latest PV technologies and help you to acquire skills by hands-on Practical. Attending such PV Solar workshops will also help you to identify your area of interest and then you can develop more skills on PV Solar Sector to master it.

A major goal is to develop a platform for discussion and to share ideas and knowledge regarding the key issues.

  1. Discuss technical and economic issues of integration of solar power
  2. Stimulate interdisciplinary thinking between solar energy and transmission and distribution industries
  3. Economics of Solar Technologies
  4. Future aspects of PV Solar Sector

Certificate will be Awarded by

Institute of Solar Technology, A Unit of Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust, Regd. under NCT New Delhi, Govt. of India


  • UG and PG Students
  • Research Scholars
  • Developers / Consultants
  • Manufactures and Suppliers of solar systems


English, Hindi & Local Language
(Book & Online Examination in English)

Training Methodology:

The course will be delivered in class room board work, lecture using PowerPoint, sharing of case examples and PV System O&M.

Training Materials:

  • FREE soft copy as per Syllabus developed by National and International PV Technology Trainer & Expert
  • sample bill of materials, sample financial models etc.

Core Syllabus:

Subject NameTime FrameDay
i. India is the sixth largest in terms of power generation.
iii. Total Installed Capacity:(As on 31.03.2017)
v. India May See No New Coal Power Plants After 2022
First SessionDay 1
i. Overview Indian Renewable Energy Sector
ii. What are "Renewable Resources"?
iii. Renewable Resources
iv. The target set for the various renewable energy sources for the next three years
v. Future India's Power Scenario
vi. Enablers for achieving 100 GW targets
vii. Major Initiatives taken by Ministry
viii. Green Energy Corridor
ix. Indian Solar Market
x. Wind Energy, Small Hydro Power, Biomass Power
Second SessionDay 1
Introduction with Photovoltaic Solar Energy
I. Solar Cell Background
II. Fundamental of Solar Cell
III. The p-n junction
IV. Silicon Photovoltaic Cell
V. How Solar Cell works
VI. First Generation Solar Cell
VII. Second Generation Solar Cell
VIII.Third Generation Solar Cell
IX. Future Generation Solar Cell
First SessionDay 2
Solar Resources for Photovoltaic System
I. Universal Energy Source is the Sun
II. Solar Irradiance
III. Insolation Depending on
IV. Peak Solar Intensity
V. Peak Sun Hours
VI. Solar Window
VII. Air Mass
VIII.Solar Angle
IX. Calculate Module Tilt Angle
Second SessionDay 2
Practical on Shadow & Tilt angle effect
Practical on Site Assessment
First SessionDay 3
PV System Components
I. Technical specification of Module
II. Charge Controller / Inverter
III. Array Junction Boxes(AJB)
IV. Batteries, Connectors
V. DC Cables, DC Distribution Boards
VI. Disconnects/switches
VII. AC Cables , AC Distribution Boards and AC Isolator
VIII.Earthling Kit
IX. Fuses
X. Lightning Protection
XI. Meters
XII. Surge Protection Devices
XIII.Trackers Single-axis Dual-axis

PV System Design and Installation Concept
II. Cable Selection and Sizing
III. PV Power Plant Installation
a) Civil works. Infrastructure preparation
b) Mechanical works
c) Electrical works
d) Environmental issues
e) Quality. Critical issues during execution
f) Safety & Labour risks
g) Commissioning tests. Key points
Second SessionDay 3

Course Fee:

To organize a workshop, minimum candidate should be 50 nos.
Workshop Fee: Rs.1500/- per candidate Excluding all Taxes
Pay Total Fee 3 days before of workshop.

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IST Alumni Feedback

IST, is one of best institute to learn, gain knowledge about solar field in best way. In this training Selection of material, estimation analysis etc. found helpful for my projects.

- Ekansh Jain,
Engineer and Graduate Apprentice Trainee at Power Mech Projects Limited and C.S.P.G.C.L. Madva

I have gained excellent knowledge from Institute of Solar Technology. IST practical lab, IST Study Book, course material is very effective. Design calculation teaching method found most useful. Overall good, good communication,

Electrical Engineer at MIJJAN INTERNATIONNAL LLC at Oman

The presenter had a very good l knowledge of the solar business in India as well as of Solar Technology so I got some very good ideas that can also apply to my market. Understanding the solar system especially the DC part as well as the whole planing and feasibility process. Coming from an Ac background and working with some solar technologies from time to time I realized that there was so much I had been missing. I am now more confident to tackle the solar market. They helped consolidate the lectures on design as well as appreciate practical aspects of wiring as well as mechanical installation. lST very well structured and comprehensive programme. Excellent investment for anyone wanting to venture into Solar business.

- Isaac Farayi (Zambabwe),
Director at Africa Infrastructure Consultancy

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