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Great ideas, the urge to experiment, the willingness to take risks and the drive to make a difference in the lives of our customers are the core values which drive IST. These values are the fuel behind our R&D efforts. Innovation is the mantra that has energized IST Family and Research Scholars to work under IST R&D from its very inception. We want to innovate, improve and make a powerful impact in the field of Renewable Energy.

Our R&D team constantly strives to improve product design and performance, machinery and production methods and these are integrated into the daily work pattern. A separate space is dedicated to R&D, where the equipment and facilities are upgraded as frequently as the products. Products are tested using the latest, most sophisticated testing equipment. Existing products are improved, new products and processes are created.

The IST R&D unit has the people, the equipment, the freedom and the backing of the top management.

The Institute for Solar Technology Research & Development team creates the technological foundations for supplying energy efficiently and on an environmentally sound basis in industrialized, threshold and developing countries. With its research focusing on energy conversion, energy efficiency, energy distribution and energy storage, it contributes to the broad application of new technology.


IST R&D will accelerate the development of Solar PV Technologies by lowering the cost per watt of Photovoltaics (PV) and Thermal Applications. The six key SERIIUS objectives are the following:

  1. Focus efforts on high-impact fundamental and applied research and development (R&D) to create disruptive technologies in PV and Thermal Applications.
  2. Identify and quantify the critical technical, economic, and policy issues for solar energy development and deployment in India.
  3. Overcome barriers to technology transfer by teaming research institutions and industry in an effective project structure-cutting the time from discovery to technology development and commercialization, through effective coordination, communication, and intellectual property management.
  4. Tries to create a new platform for bi-national collaboration using a formalized R&D project structure, along with effective management, coordination, and decision processes.
  5. Create a sustainable network from which to build large collaborations and foster a collaborative culture and outreach programs. This will include the use of existing and new methodologies for collaboration based on advanced electronic and Web-based communication to facilitate functional international focused teams.
  6. Create a strong workforce development program in solar energy science and technology.


Quality Planning

Our goal is to fully satisfy customer expectations through the quality of our products and services. Quality improvement is therefore the responsibility of every stakeholder, from the top management to the channel partners.

New Product Review

Product introductions have been at the heart of our success in this hyper-competitive market. With our strong focus on innovation, we have a rigorous system for reviewing all our products against the parameters of functionality and changing customer needs.

Process Capability Evaluations

In response to increasing globalization, we adopt benchmarked process standards, reducing variation, relieving process bottlenecks, eliminating rework and managing capacity. This has substantially reduced product development and production time.

Quality Education and Training

Continuous learning and improvement are fundamental components of every job performed, rather than a special corporate initiative. Therefore, there is continuous emphasis on increasing awareness of quality principles through the organization. The requisite directives and standards are discussed and disseminated regularly and teams are trained intensively.
Training has been the main focus of the organization, not only in-house but also the training of our dealers, distributors and associates for their growth and for achieving targets.

Supplier Capability Surveys

Our suppliers contribute substantially to the quality of our products. Therefore, our suppliers must meet the same high standards that we have adopted. This is ensured through regular validation of their quality control set-up.

Target Evaluation

All processes are evaluated against pre-negotiated targets and deadlines. At IST, we believe that the successful implementation of even the smallest task is possible only if it is achieved without any overruns. Thus functions of production, sales, servicing and training are also bound by the quality checks from time to time.


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R & D Projects IN PROCESS

  1. Development of New bio-oil components
    The goal of this research is to develop a sustainable energy source - convert biomass into liquid fuel.
    It will help the manufacturer to produce more eco-friendly energy for the consumers.
  2. Self charge Green Battery
    24 x 7 Power generator without charging through any other power sourses

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