PV Solar Operation Maintenance Master Course

A professional Operation & Maintenance (O&M) service package ensures that the photovoltaic system will maintain high levels of technical and consequently economic performance over its lifetime. Currently, it is widely acknowledged by all stakeholders that high quality O&M services mitigate the potential risks, improve the levelised cost of electricity (lCOE) and Power Purchase agreement (PPa) prices and positively impact the return on investment (ROI). The O&M phase is by far the longest phase.

This on-demand training outlines the necessary steps for planning and directing an operations and maintenance (O&M) program for the life of a photovoltaic (PV) system across a variety of system types, sizes, and environments. The course instructs on how to optimize system performance, consider environmental and site conditions when preparing an O&M plan, understand warranties and guarantees, and how to budget for ongoing O&M.

By completing this course, learners will be able to:

Reduce environmental and economic costs of fossil fuel energy and increase self-supply of renewable energy by providing information and resources on proper photovoltaic (PV) operations and maintenance (O&M) Customize an O&M strategy to achieve renewable energy delivery that corresponds to green building goals by recognizing differences in system size, type, site conditions, and environmental conditions.

Considered one of the most critical roles in the PV system design and installation process, project Design and management ensures the system delivery in the best desired timeline, quality, and budget. Project management tackles the methodology required for planning, scheduling, and managing resources including manpower and materials. Solar PV Project Design Masters course enables you to fully understand the technical aspects of PV projects, which include procurement, planning, scheduling, engineering, integration, and commissioning.This Course also provides a vast opportunities in getting wider knowledge in the areas of concept development, site identification, feasibility study, detailed system design, engineering, construction & commercial operation, operational performance monitoring of solar Utility Scale power projects, financial aspects of the solar power plant like DPR,DSCR,ROI,CUF estimation and CAPEX ,OPEX modelling.


Live Interactive Classes::

IST Live Interactive Class, where students and teachers meet together at schedule class time with whiteboard, voice and live video, Lectures and Question answer occur at the same hour.

Our expert faculty members take session on each paper that is delivered through live sessions. These sessions are joined by students from India and Abroad. Trainers will discuss in each class session about Key concepts, whiteboard calculation, design, costing, documentation, case studies and real life examples. Students also get chance to clarify their doubts / academic clarifications. If by any chance you miss these live classes, don't worry, each class recorded sessions are uploaded in the IST E-Library/LMS.

Teaching and Learning Material

IST have dedicated online library (IST E-Library) facility for students and stored all Learning Material (E-book, class recording, business releated documents) at IST E-Library.
IST E Library System provides access to more than 100 + e-books covering all fields of knowledge, e.g. BOS,PV Cell, System Design, O&M, Installation, Project Management etc and also we have a huge collection of national and international journals, case studies, research papers.Student can access this E-library for self study.


B.E, B.Tech, B.Sc
Minimum Educational Qualifications: 3 Years Diploma Engineerign
Minimum age 21 years, No Upper Age bar



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Institute of Solar Technology, A Unit of Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust, Regd. under NCT New Delhi, Govt. of India

Course Summery

This on-demand training outlines the necessary steps for planning and directing an operations and maintenance (O&M) program for the life of a photovoltaic (PV) system across a variety of system types, sizes, and environments. The course instructs on how to optimize system performance, consider environmental and site conditions when preparing an O&M plan, understand warranties and guarantees, and how to budget for ongoing O&M.

2 Months for online course (IST 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM) / 1 Month of offline course (Monday & Friday fulltime)

Core Syllabus:

Unit: BSS

Basic of Solar System
Summary of the unit:
Learn about PV Solar Technology

  • Physic of PV cell, PV Module, PV System Type
    1. Rooftop Solar Power Plant
    2. Ground Mount Solar Power Plant
    3. Floating Solar Power Plant
    4. Solar Park
  • Solar Resource, Site, and Environmental Condition
  • Solar Power Plant Electrical System - Central, String, DC-Optimized, or Micro-Inverter Configuration
  • Grid code compliance, Grid Interconnection
  • Solar Energy Storage Systems

Unit: OMP

System Performance and O&M Plans
Summary of the unit:
Solar Operation and Maintenance Engineering for Optimal PV Performance

  • System Performance and O&M Plans
    1. Preventive Maintenance
    2. Corrective Maintenance
    3. Additional services
    4. Plant performance monitoring and supervision
    5. Power Generation Forecasting

  • Document Management
    1. Record Keeping and Data Presentation
    2. Information type and depth of detail / as-built documentation
    3. Data loggers, Monitoring (web) portal
    4. Specific yield, Performance Ratio, expected yield

Unit: OMJ

Operation & Maintenance Job
Summary of the unit:
A brief discussion on how to optimize system performance

  • Failure Patterns PV Power Plant Components
  • Carry out Electrical Maintenance of the Solar PV Power Plant
  • Carry out Civil/Mechanical Maintenance of the Solar PV Power Plant
  • Power plant remote monitoring

Unit: OMI

O&M Implementation Strategies

Summary of the unit:
O&M strategy to achieve renewable energy delivery that corresponds to green building goals

  • O&M Implementation Strategies
  • Self Documentation and Project Submission

O&M Research Work
Preparation of research work to solve critical issues of on field solar power plants and recycling of panel and other equipments to protect environment

Course Fee:

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Admission & Learning Process

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  6. Study options:
    • For online Live class: 2 Months (1 month online Technical and commercial class at night 8PM to 10PM (IST) and 1 month project work)
  7. Training cell inform you about practical session at the end of theory class session
  8. Exam cell will conduct online examination and send E-Certificate, E-marksheet
  9. EDP Desk will provide business guide/support for you

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IST Alumni Feedback

Sitav Bhadra

The course gives an overall feel of the subject. The practical measurement and installation, and covering of all the elements of the PV system.

- Sitav Bhadra,
Researcher at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, Engineer at NRG Solutions, Cambodia

Rajesh Kumar Meena

I have got technical and business knowledge in solar green energy field.

- Rajesh Kumar Meena,
Sr. Maintenance Engineer at Rabigh Refining & Petrochemical Co, CEO at R.K. Energy solution

B. Raja Narendra

The course is good. Most important things about IST training is Solar in-depth analysis, solar panels installation Practical sessions.

- B. Raja Narendra,
Associate Professor at MIC College of Technology

Nikhil Gehlot

Most positive point of IST training is practical work. I have learned how to work and installation for PV plant which will helpful for my job. Thanks, IST Trainer & Team

- Nikhil Gehlot,
Supporting Staff at TCS ION

Anuja Suresh Gangan

This is very helpful course to understand the basics & advance detailing about solar industry. This will definitely help me to plan the future steps wisely. Most useful aspects of this course was Practical examples. If there is any doubt, he gives his best to solve that, Overall good experience of learning with this institute.

- Anuja Suresh Gangan,
Media Web Tek - Marketing

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