PV Solar Panel Assembly Line Development

The supply disruption from China due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent decline in domestic solar capacity addition offer a golden opportunity to ramp up local manufacturing of solar modules and cells, according to industry experts. In this scenario industry feels a skill and knowledge required to start this module assembly line making ecosystem in India.

Institute of solar technology providing PV Module/Panel Assembly Line - Business Course which will cover for cell technology to construction method, module manufacturing material, Assembling machineries, financial detailing, costing of module and panel assembling line.

A solar PV module consists of solar cells, glass, EVA, backsheet and frame. Learn more about the components and the process of manufacturing a solar panel.


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Our expert faculty members take session on each paper that is delivered through live sessions. These sessions are joined by students from India and Abroad. Trainers will discuss in each class session about Key concepts, whiteboard calculation, design, costing, documentation, case studies and real life examples. Students also get chance to clarify their doubts / academic clarifications. If by any chance you miss these live classes, don't worry, each class recorded sessions are uploaded in the IST E-Library/LMS.


For Entrepreneurs, Startups:
Minimum Educational Qualifications: 12th Pass
Minimum age 18 years, No Upper Age bar




3 Days

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Certificate will be Awarded by

Institute of Solar Technology, A Unit of Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust, Regd. under NCT New Delhi, Govt. of India

Core Syllabus:

Unit: B-1

Physic of Solar Cell

  • Introduce with up to date Module Technology
  • Technical Parameters of PV Module

Unit: P-1

Solar Panel Production Process

  • Cell Sorting for Solar Panel
  • String Welding the Solar Panel
  • Cutting EVA
  • Cutting TPT
  • Lay Up the Solar Panel
  • Mirror Surface Inspection on The Solar Photovoltaic Cell
  • EL Testing on the Solar Panels
  • Lamination of the Solar Panel Kits
  • Trimming the Solar Panel
  • Frame Up the Solar Panel
  • Junction Box Fixing in the Solar Panel
  • Cleaning a Solar Panel
  • Safety and Performance Test on Solar Panel
  • Solar Panel Performance Testing
  • Packing the Solar Panel
  • Solar Panel Performance Testing

Unit: P-2

Solar Panel Production Plant Layout

  • Cell Sorting Table
  • Cell Welding Table
  • Panel Lay Up Table
  • EL Testing Table
  • Move for Lamination of the Solar Panel Kits
  • Cleaning & Trimming Table
  • Frame Up the Solar Panel
  • Fixing Junction Box
  • Final Testing Table
  • Packing & Storing Solar Panel

Unit: P-3

Solar Panel Production Equipment and Machinery

  • 1 - 5MW Semi-auto production line

Unit: P-4

Solar Panel Manufacturing Business Plan

  • Industry Overview
  • TARGET MARKET ANALYSIS - Market Trends, Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy, Project Strategy
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Startup Expenditure (Budget)

Course Fee:

Online Class Fees: Rs. 6,999/-
Discount on Live Class Fees = 15%
Pay Live class Fee Rs. 5949

All Fees including 18% GST

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Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust
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ISO 9001:2008 Certified Orginazation, Member of Solar Energy Society of India
IST - Authorised Training Center of NIESBUD (An Autonomous Institute under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship), Govt. of India,

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IST Alumni Feedback

The course is good. Most important things about IST training is Solar in-depth analysis, solar panels installation Practical sessions.

- B. Raja Narendra,
Associate Professor at MIC College of Technology

It will help me in design solar system which will helpful for my customer. IST give me proper knowledge about solar market. HELPFUL FOR NEW ENTERPRINER


Good platform for Basics to Technically in-depth Knowledge of Solar

Deputy Ex. Engineer at Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co Ltd

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