PGP in Renewable Energy Project Finance


Earn 10 Months Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Renewable Energy Project Finance. Certification offered by Institute of Solar Technology (IST) in academic partnership with University of Petroleum and Energy Studies.

This program intends to make you an exceptional professional in renewable energy Project to pursue a career at mid or senior finance management level in Renewable Energy sector. It covers every key concepts, India and International best practices and along with key financial management skills needed.

The course gives you the financial modeling background and perspective often lacking in deal negotiations that will help you quickly and easily navigate the most complicated projects to find the quality projects you want to develop, own, and operate.

Financial Modelling for Renewable Energy Projects will give you the skills to efficiently develop, modify and analyse financial models in the renewable energy sector. The course covers essential topics including funding mechanics, operational analysis and investment metrics and gives you a robust platform for analysis in the most sophisticated environments.

Perform project finance banking analysis, investment reviews or sponsor research
This hands-on course will clarify how project finance bankers, investors and external parties will analyse your project, and provide a deep understanding of the flexibility required in scenario analysis by a range of audiences.


@ Solar EPC
Jr. Manager/Asst. Manager-Accounts & Finance
Senior Manager/DGM-Accounts & Finance
Renewable Energy Project Head
Project Finance Analyst

@ Biomass project
Project operational and financial Manager
Manager - Finance & Accounts
Acquisitions, Investments and Financial Advisory Manager
Biomass Project Manager
Research Internship-Solar & Biomass

@ Wind Energy Industry
Wind energy project manager
Assistant Manager/ Manager – Projects (Wind)
Head Projects- Renewable Energy
Engineer - Offshore windfarm

@ Project Consultancy
Jr. Energy Analyst - Renewables
Renewable Investment - Technical Analyst Jr.
Program Co-ordinator Finance
Environment ConsultingEngineer
Jr. Consultant
Graduation degree / 3 years Diploma with minimum 2 years of experience
Preference given to those with work experience
Admission Qualifying Test: March, April
Class: June to March
Apply Now for Qualifying Test
Sample Certificate
Outcome of the Program
Understand the lenders in project finance and the risk vs. reward position of debt financiers
Understand risk identification, risk allocation and risk mitigation techniques that are incorporated in renewable energy project finance
Understand key technical aspects of the renewal power sector and the changing structure of the industry
Financiers involved in project finance, investment analysis and syndicated lending
Bankers (Commercial, Investment, Institutional, Corporate and Development)
By the end of the programme, you will know how to structure project transactions to minimize risks and improve the prospects for future strong performance both in existing portfolios and new transactions.


Unit-I: Energy Sources & Renewable Energy

  • Non Conventional Energy Sources
  • Renewable Energy and its prospects
  • Energy Flow in Ecosystem
  • Applications of solar, wind, biomass and biogas
  • Waste-to-Energy, Solid Waste Management
  • Renewable Energy for Commercial Applications
  • Investment Opportunities in Renewable sector

Unit-II: Biomass Energy

  • Future Potential of Biomass Energy in India
  • Basics of biomass technology & biomass resources
  • Classification of biogas plants
  • Central Financial Assistance for Biomass Power Projects & Cogeneration
  • Assessment of bio-energy projects
  • Financing Biomass Projects

Unit-III: Solar Power Project

  • PV Technology – PV cell and Module
  • Solar resource, Project Site Assessment
  • PV Solar Power Plant Balance of System
  • Solar Power plant Design – Rooftop and MW
  • Project Costing and Pre-feasibility, Energy generation software result
  • Project Technical Documentation
  • Issues of Scale, Cost and Application
  • Financing Challenges and PPA solutions
  • Roof and Ground Leasing Issues

Unit-IV: Wind Energy Project

  • Wind turbine technology
  • Integration of wind power in the power system
  • Wind turbine components
  • Wind resource assessment and techniques
  • Wind farm developments and feasibility study
  • Investment study and cost benefit analysis

Unit-V-A: RE Project Finance

  • Project Finance and Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy Policy & financing in India
  • Incentives and instruments
  • Project Finance Analysis—Identify, Mitigate and Allocate
  • Emerging Market Transactions, Offtake Regime and Credit Quality

Unit-V-B: RE Project Finance

  • Approaches to Manage Political Risk Issues
  • Equator Principals
  • The Cashflow Model, Project Finance Loan Documentation
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Case studies and exercises

FEES Structure

Course Fees: Rs 59,999/- (Registration Fee Rs. 40000/ and Training Fee Rs.19999/)
Institute of Solar Technology
A Unit of 

Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust
An Autonomous Institute Reg. under
ISO 9001:2008 Certified Orginazation, Member of Solar Energy Society of India
IST - Academic Partner of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

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