Solar PV Design and Simulation Software

This is the only software in the MNRE list that offers a minute-by-minute calculation making it one of the the most accurate and also the only software to offer an interactive 3D user interface that allows visualization of the PV system installation and see real time changes to shading and power generation by moving objects in 3D space.

Offering high levels of accuracy of PV energy generation due to its unique minute-by-minute calculation formula that takes a cumulative kilowatt reading instead of the usual average kilowatt hour reading taken most other software. Also its detailed interactive near shading analysis allows a user to pinpoint specific areas that are being affected and make necessary changes in the design to improve generation. Also worth mentioning is the Map function that aids in drawing a site layout with the help of satellite ground imagery.

One of the most user-friendly user interfaces. A Simulation Wizard guides the user to quickly set up an installation whether its a rooftop or megawatt level project. The 3D CAD environment allows a user to interactively build the environment around it by dragging and dropping 3D objects. Accurate animations display the effect of shading on modules and users can adjust the position of objects coming in the sun's path and immediately see the result on the affected modules. The built-in map function saves the designer the time needed to do a visual site survey and area calculation.

The software comes bundled with data from hundreds of weather stations worldwide. User can also choose to import Meteonorm, Solar GIS or user generated data saved in a tabular format.

Screenshots of Solar Pro version 4.3

3D CAD Interface showing Interactive Shading and Building Construction

overlaying installation on Satellite Map Imagery

Auto Array Installation Feature

Shadow Mapping Function

Solar Energy Performance Modeling:

To further model the solar projects viability, engineer will conduct a weather study to determine available sunlight irradiance for the specific location. The resulting information, along with the system design, will factor into the PV energy production model/software, allowing us to determine appropriate model inputs.

Direction of Wiring to Optimize System

Setting up of Various Coefficients and Loss Factors

Minute-By-Minute Power Calculation

Power Graph generated after simulation

I-V Curve Calculation

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